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Summer Reading Opportunities

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Summer Reading
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FALCONS, take flight...

-- Make next school year better and easier. --



Set a personal goal for what yoy want to read during the summer and work to acheive that goal. Use any and all of the opportunities below to reward yourself! Good luck!


CWMS Summer Reading Program


ASU Summer Reading Program  Scroll to the bottom for the incentive flier.


Wilkes County Public Library's Reading Program  Prizes and activities available.


Barnes & Noble Rewards for Summer Reading 

 Get a free book after you read eight. (Scroll to the bottom of the page for their form and other free materials.) Download their form and take it in! That is it!


Fifth-Third Bank Summer Reading Incentive

This business will give student 18 and under a $10 saving account for reading 10 books! Our nearest ones are in Troutman or Sparta. Once your account is established, can also access from an ATM on 268 in North Wilkesboro.


Don't forget: If you see the value in reading or know your parents do, ask for your own incentive plan. If you promise to read 30 minutes for a week, ask if you can take a day trip somewhere or spend special time with a friend. They might actually say YES!!! 



CWMS Summer Reading Results



Books Help Block Vacation Brain Drain



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